Compliance for Crypto

World’s first intelligent platform that brings together
blockchain analytics, customer onboarding and the travel rule.
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Manage your key compliance requirements on one platform

Use an industry advanced platform that combines compliance processes, internal controls, records and documents management.

Blockchain Analytics

Know Your Customer

Travel Rule

Ospree blockchain risk management

Innovation Partners

Chain analysis of crypto transactions

Dive as deep as you need to trace transactions back several hops. Make quick decisions using the most accurate information to guide your choice.

Identify suspicious transactions in real-time

Trace crypto transactions back several hops

Use accurate data to guide your decision-making

Ospree chain analysis

Red-flag blockchain suspicious activities

Using a specific set of detection logic a client's behavior can be analyzed to detect anomalies and activities of interest.

Customized alerts for maximum efficiency

Analyze red-flags with contextual information

Streamline your decision making process

Ospree Blockchain Detection Engine

Empower your team with a secure, and intuitive compliance solution

Operational benefits

Centralise your monitoring operations on a single software solution.

Customer identity linkage

Link identities across multiple addresses and transaction hashes, preventing anonymous activity.

Enterprise-grade security

Ospree encrypts data at rest and in transit as part of our foundational security controls.

Ospree One Single View

One single risk view of your client's profile

With Ospree you can build a single view of your clients' risk profiles. Data updates continuously, generating alerts when a risk event occurs.

Risk profiles constructed with rich data

Intuitive dashboard and visualizations

Ongoing monitoring of on-chain activity

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Take Control of Your Digital Asset Compliance Process

Transaction Monitoring, KYC, Case Management and Reporting. All in one platform.

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