The complete toolkit for digital asset compliance.

A seamless platform designed by compliance specialists, for compliance specialists.

Chain Analysis

Dive as deep as you need to trace transactions back several hops.

Make quick decisions on transactions using the most accurate information to guide your choice.

Transaction Monitoring

Identify suspicious transactions and bad actors, customize risk scores, and red-flag high-risk network linkage.

Prioritise risk surveillance alerts with intuitive visualizations and reports.

Address Whitelisting

Whitelist new crypto deposit or withdrawal addresses before they attach to your customer’s profile, streamline your approval. 

Embrace more secure and effective methods to create accurate and auditable risk profiles without impacting customer experience.

Integration & Flexibility

We can provide you with all the necessary tools for regulatory compliance, or only what you need. Our “Plug & Play” solution integrates with the most used and trusted KYC providers in the market. 

Connect your essential KYC and KYT data with our platform or allow us to provide the full service stack in order to improve the speed and accuracy of your workflow.


Ospree provides custom due diligence reports at the frequency of your choice for your company to keep on file in the event of an audit. 

Customize your search parameters and reporting frequency as your business grows.

Professional Services

The compliance professionals at Ospree can guide your team to create a process outline and workflow tailored to your business.

Compliance professionals with previous experience in Virtual Asset Services are rare. We are here to help educate and guide your team.

Partner with us. For us, partnerships are about solving problems together to break new ground and create incredible experiences.

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