Ospree blockchain risk management

Bringing it all together with a 360 degree solution

With Ospree you can easily connect your ongoing Know Your Customer (KYC) process to our transaction monitoring (KYT) activity.

Improve the speed and accuracy of your workflow

Reduce operational and systems integration costs

Break down silos connecting disparate information

Chain analysis of crypto transactions

Dive as deep as you need to trace transactions back several hops. Make quick decisions using the most accurate information to guide your choice.

Identify suspicious transactions in real-time

Trace crypto transactions back several hops

Use accurate data to guide your decision-making

ospree chain analysis

Case Management Module

Case Management is where you can see the high level details of all the activities of your clients, create new cases and edit information under the same profile.

Keep data updated across systems

Conduct high-priority investigations

Identity Linkage

ospree API

Travel Rule Solution for VASPs

Reduce manual errors with an automated, scalable solution for high volume crypto businesses. View the status of sent and received Travel Rule transfers.

Reduce manual errors

Easily track transactions

IVMS101 compatible

Red-flag blockchain suspicious activities

Using a specific set of detection logic a client's behavior can be analyzed to detect anomalies and activities of interest.

Customized alerts for maximum efficiency

Analyze red-flags with contextual information

Streamline your decision making process

Ospree Blockchain Detection Engine
ospree API

Connect your data with the Ospree Rest API

Integrate your data with The Ospree API and easily automate your AML compliance workflow to reduce manual tasks

Enterprise-grade scalable solution

Standardize data and processes

Integration is easy and takes minutes

Plug & Play Integration

Connect Ospree with leading KYC providers from our dashboard and save on engineering resources and costly, time-consuming compliance integrations.

Eliminate redundancy

Automate manual processes

Data will appear directly in Ospree via API

ospree KYC integration

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