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The clear compliance advantage to save your business time and money.


One platform. One holistic client profile.

AML is one of the most important activities for exchanges. If not managed properly, you risk incurring regulatory fines or total shut down for noncompliance. Implementing global AML standards assures that your company will continue to meet regulatory expectations. Designed for professional compliance teams, Ospree can automate and organize multiple data silos to create a holistic customer risk profile.

Payments and Remittance

Make confident decisions backed by accurate data in near real-time.

Cross-border transactions make payment and remittance companies inherently more vulnerable, from an AML/CFT perspective. Ospree offers a fundamentally new approach that allows your team to create a single integrated KYC and KYT view. Backed by accurate data, you are able to make decisions in the moment with no manual gathering or a fragmented data systems involved.


Modular simplicity and the highest level of security.

The on-boarding and transaction volume of a digital asset custodian can vary greatly from company to company, or even from month to month. Ospree is built using a modular design, to facilitate higher flexibility and a more cost-effective solution.

We provide whitelisting, monitoring, reporting and alerts modules, so companies can adapt the platform as needed, all on one contract, with exactly the services it needs and nothing more.


Absolute customer identity privacy and complete regulatory coverage.

Gaming providers are continuously monitored by government or state agencies. Many companies in this industry have responded to these trends by investing in people, controls and systems addressing point-in-time needs. Ospree helps you mitigate money laundering and risk association with terrorists financing, while still guaranteeing the highest level of privacy to your customers.

Asset and Wealth Management Firms

Use the ‘best in class’ data solutions on one convenient platform.

Reliable quantitative metrics to assess risk across products, geographies, and processes are key components to design more robust investment plans. Bundled together with our platform, Ospree’s reporting module gathers information from premium data sources to generate the necessary information to support your decision-making process. Ospree can help advisors to substantially reduce risk exposure in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, without hindering your access to act on opportunity.

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